Car Detailing VS Drive Through Car Washes

A CRUCIAL difference between taking your vehicle through an automated car wash and a professional auto detailer. A drive through car wash doesn’t care what happens to your vehicle…its all about volume and speed. We know it can be convenient to take your car through a machine car wash. Sometimes a little too convenient. The damage done to your paint is astronomical. Those spinning rubber bristles are your paint’s worst enemy. They cause swirls and scratches on your clear coat which will cost you hundreds of dollars to remove. The reason you wash your car is to make it look shiny and over time, machine washes make you paint extremely dull. A professional auto detailer is someone who has been trained over years to use the proper products, tools, & techniques to leave your vehicle looking better than new. Even brand new cars come with swirls and other paint issues due to dealership details…goes back to the whole quantity and not quality. Auto detailing done right takes hours because our goal is not to crank out as many cars as possible but to leave each vehicle in pristine condition so you feel like you’re driving a brand new car when you pick it up. Detailing is just that, detailing! We are all about the details in your car’s crevices, door jambs, plastics, fabric, paint, wheels, you name it! The goal is quality over quantity which is why detailing is much more expensive than machine car washes but very much worth the investment!

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